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Welcome to Aroma.Therapy by Salty Studio, a therapeutic scent making class, where you will create your own bespoke aroma blend for your individual body & emotional needs.

What are the benefits

Essential oils are obtained from vegetable raw material and have been used for nearly 6,000 years, improving our health and mood. Benefits include helping with anxiety, stress, fatigue and more by targeting pulse points on the body. Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system and passes through our body, connecting to the emotions and hormone balance.

How it works

After explaining the benefits and history of aromatherapy, we'll guide you through a personality quiz to define what you need. You will then be given a recipe for your specific bespoke aroma blend to make yourself and bring home with you in a roller-ball bottle, to use on specific pulse points on your body.

Why not book this workshop experience for your company or a private event? Aromatherapy is great to use in the workplace, helping us calm our nervous system and be more productive. We'll provide all the equipment for this workshop so you won't have anything to do!

We host some workshops open to the public every so often. Check out when the next ones are!

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