douglas fir



...and much more!

How it works

1 hour

Minimum 10 attendees, maximum 30

All levels of foodies welcome

To start this workshop, we will tell you more about how smells can affect our moods and memory. We will also show you the various pulse points on your body that can be used for different requirements. You will then proceed to complete a short personality quiz, helping you understand your needs on that day. We will then help you create your own bespoke scent with the results of the test leading you to one of the following options:


Energy boost: you need an extra vitality kick to help with your daily tasks.

Sleep relief: soothing and tranquillising oils to help fall asleep easier.

Calming vibes: helping with stress & anxiety issues during the day by using calming oils.

Nature fix: you work in a small office or don’t get to go outside much and need a breath of fresh air.


All guests will leave the workshop with their bespoke scent in a small 10ml roll-on glass bottle.

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