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Corporate events
Private celebrations
Corporate events
Product and brand launches

You’re launching a new product, brand or experience and showing it to the media, influencers, investors or the public for the first time? Come to us if you want to make this an unforgettable moment. We will help you to showcase this through an edible experience. We will analyse what you have created to understand all the senses involved to make an interactive experience for your guests. This could be some bite-size canapés, a workshop using your product, edible snacks arranged around your new space… Food is one of the best tools for people to interact with, as well as covering most senses therefore creating memorable emotional experiences.

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Lunch meetings

Presenting your products at a lunch meeting or having clients at the office but want to offer them something a little different to represent your brand or company? We can create a bespoke menu inspired by your company or brand or even your presentation and offer you a quick and simple way of doing this. We even have a cereal bar you can book through us if you’re feeling extra. 

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Bespoke team building

Looking for a different kind of team building workshop? We can create a bespoke activity for your employees where they can improve key skills such as communication, interaction with others, improve their wellbeing and help boost their creative thinking. 

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Company supperclubs

Celebrating something special? A new deal, a new product, a new section in the company… Perhaps you want to invite some special guests to this or you want to celebrate with your employees and colleagues? What about a bespoke supper club? Either you have a venue in mind already and we will work around it or we can help you find the perfect place. This will be an intimate experience, around a 5 course menu (flexible) inspired by your brand or a theme picked together. We feel that edible and sensory experiences will make memorable moments. We usually tell little stories alongside each dish which we think is extra special.

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Private Celebrations
Hen do's

Your friend’s hen do is approaching and you want to find something that she will truly remember? We will happily help you organise this, whether it is a bespoke themed supper club dinner in a unique location, or a daytime (or evening!) workshop (think cocktails, aromatherapy, edible terrariums, and more…). We will help you create an amazing experience for the bride-to-be and her friends!


What about celebrating your special day in a different way? We will help you come up with a theme that will truly represent you. This can be either a bespoke supper club (lunch or dinner) based on a theme or story you like (a movie, a book, somewhere you’ve been, a historical era…), or we can also do workshops that can be during the day or the evening. View our current workshops here or ask us about creating a bespoke one for you. This will definitely be a day to remember!


Celebrating something else? A new job, a new move, a leaving do, or even just a celebration of LIFE? We’ve got you. Count on us to create a fun and joyful experience for your guests. Let us know if you already have a theme in mind or if you’d like us to research something out of the ordinary for you. We can also team up with a restaurant or chef you particularly like, just let us know!

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