a collaboration with Mrs Phink & Shiso Studio

@ Nabo Farm, Copenhagen

5th April 2019


This event was organised in collaboration with Shiso Studio and the coming up Mrs Phink project in May (more info over here). Our aim was to bring women together from various creative fields. Throughout this dinner, different topics were addressed such as curiosity and passion as well as creative mindfulness.

menu cph idea 1.jpg

- To Sip -

Lemon & thyme + prosecco

Thyme is generally planted in the spring and thereafter grows as a perennial. Throughout the ages, lemons have been used to fight negative energies. Various religions of the world believe that they hold secret powers. The yellow colour of the lemon is the symbol of happiness and optimism. Finally, prosecco is usually sipped on celebratory occasions, birthdays, anniversaries or just a simple Friday evening to celebrate a long week of work!


- Snack -

Carrot purée, edible olive soil, asparagus, quail egg & organic sprouts from Nabo Farm

Seeds and eggs have one thing in common which is they are the start of something new. Seeds in soil will start to germinate and soon they will become little sprouts and then they will grow into bigger plants and flowers. We do the same with our ideas, by planting the ideas in our heads, we then germinate them into strong concepts and projects for life! Eggs symbolise new life, birth and re-birth. Spring is a time to start something new, develop new ideas, collaborate and help each other!


- Main -

Risotto, half saffron, half charcoal powder

The first day of spring, the vernal equinox, has 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.The term vernal is Latin for “spring” and equinox is Latin for “equal night“. I represented both of these in this split risotto, one half representing the daylight with bright yellow saffron and the other representing the night with dark black charcoal powder. After the vernal equinox, the sun stays in the sky for longer each day, feeding us more Vitamin D, boosting our mood and making us feel happier!


- Dessert -

Poached plums in jasmine tea & rose syrup, with lime sugar, yogurt & edible flowers

We finish this meal with Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring. She is the goddess of Spring but was also made Queen of the Underworld. From Autumn through to Winter she disappears and only re-appears when Spring comes, when the Earth is alive again with new growth. There is dancing and singing, and many celebrations of the new life for the return of Persephone. Persephone should be honored with altars of flowers and with crystals that express the joy of spring with bright colors of green and gold, reflecting the new growth of grain, and the harvest.