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Welcome to Edible Face Care by Salty Studio, a sensory face care workshop, where you will create your own wellness kit made of natural & edible ingredients.

What are the benefits

So if you weren't aware yet, we are a little obsessed with anything food related. But did you know, skin is like our second stomach, so you need to feed it the right stuff. Natural ingredients are of course the best to use on our face but what about edible ingredients? If you eat it then it must be good for your skin too! Living in busy cities we have to face pollution & stress, which can affect our skin. So let's take care of it. Plus with only a few ingredients (so you actually know what's going on your skin), this will give you an easy approach to sustainable & zero waste living.

How it works

After explaining the benefits and history of using natural and edible ingredients, we'll guide you through the different stages of making:
- a face mask
- a face mist
- a face scrub
You'll be able to take all these home with you to enjoy a little self-care.

Why not book this workshop experience for your company or a private event?
Wellbeing is essential in the workplace so we'll help you offer this to your employees and clients. We’ll even provide all the equipment for this workshop so you won’t have anything to do!

We host some workshops open to the public every so often. Check out when the next ones are!

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