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Curious about food design? Find out how this way of thinking can open up your mind and boost your creativity. Using food as a tool, you'll learn to have a new perspective and look at things differently.

The aims of this workshop

  • Learn to look at things differently and from a different angle

  • Stimulate creativity & innovation

  • Encourage storytelling & imagination

  • Explore eco design strategies

  • Understand more about sensory design

For who?

  • Food and eating designers looking to expand their creative thinking

  • Food companies & startups looking to create new and innovative products

  • Companies who want to develop food sustainability & eco strategies

  • Chefs & restaurant owners searching for innovation in their business


This workshop lasts one hour, during which we'll complete 4 exercises:

  1. Connect your memories & create stories

  2. Sensory exploration

  3. Eco design strategies

  4. Designing for empathy

Why not book this workshop experience for your company or a private event?
Get in touch for more info and we'll see how we can help your business.

We host some workshops open to the public every so often. Check out when the next ones are!

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