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a collaboration with

Shiso Studio

@ Teaterøen, Copenhagen

23rd May - 10th June 2019


Mrs. Phink’s House is a platform to create

experiences between people, plants and food.


For the three weeks between May 23rd - June 8th, Teaterøen’s Bunker turned into a venue for food artists, musical + dance performances, textile and food workshops that respond to concepts of saltwater and coastal landscapes, and celebrates plants’ abilities to both inspire and have purpose.

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This is the story of James and Olivia. We are in Spring, and the children are on holiday at their grandma's house near Stenbjerg, a tiny fishing village of whitewashed houses on the west coast of Jutland.

One afternoon, the two children decide to go on an adventure. First they need to get ready.

What do you need on an adventure? Energy snacks. Here is some wasabi and cucumber granita to give you some energy during this journey.


They wave goodbye to their grandmother and head off to the beach, running through the wind. They arrive on the coast and on their way they observe the different layers of this landscape. The dunes of sand, the green vegetation growing, the smell of seaweed and some little colourful flowers. This dish in front of you is composed of a slice of sourdough bread representing the land on which this coast is built naturally, then there is some tahini & orange sauce illustrating the sand. Then there is some green leaf salad and asparagus, similar to the green vegetation growing on the coast. I added some pine nuts and edible flowers to imitate the colours and flavours of this landscape. Finally there is a segment of white cabbage also representing the layers of the coast, with some smoked seaweed oil.


The toys on the table are here to welcome you into this childhood world but also to remind you all the plastic we can find on beaches. Plastic toys are a common thing to find there, so always try to give them to charity or re-use them, or you can also buy them from charity shops/vintage markets. Another alternative is to get eco-friendly made toys, made of wood or recycled materials!


After walking along the shore, they see some dark clouds arriving quick and suddenly a storm hits, with heavy rain. They find a shelter underneath a shipwreck. Starting to get hungry they think of ideas they could use around them to snack on. This dish is a fresh white cod ceviche, with cardamom pickled fennel, dill, black sea salt, red chilli and mustard seeds, all on a bed of seaweed (you can also eat!). 


The storm finally ends and now it’s time to head back to their grandmother’s house. They see their grandmother waving at them when they arrive and she had prepared their favourite sweet dessert: apple sauce with date, walnut & almond crumble, served with coconut cream. Enjoy!