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Fun things to do during quarantine

We've made a list for you. In case you get bored.

Make bread (it seems everyone is making bread on Instagram because we finally have time on our hands to wait for all those proving hours, so you should have definitely stumbled upon a recipe at some point)

Go for a walk: around your building block, in the garden, find a random destination like that random shop you always walk past on your way to work and have a peek inside

Sleep (you won't be late for anything)

Watch: live talks/shows on Instagram (from a talk between Massimo Bottura & Ducati, to a talk between Package Free Shop & Silo, there's so much choice!)

Play: hide and seek with your housemates/family, last one to be found has to make dinner one night

Train your eye muscles: get your eyes away from your laptop and stare at the landscape (or the apartment opposite)

Learn an endangered language like Navajo or Hawaiian on Duolingo

Host a virtual dinner party (see our tips on how to here)

Read about food ingredients on Wikipedia (we've made a list for you)

Listen to a podcast whilst taking a bath: what about finding out how Birchbox or Kickstarter was created on How I Built This with Guy Raz?

Take lots of baths - with candles, bubble bath and music (or a long shower)

Sing (maybe not on the balcony just yet unless you're one of those people who actually can sing) whilst making dinner (check out our Sound Bar for song recommendations)

Watch theatre/opera/ballet shows from some of the most prestigious venues in the world:

> The Opéra de Paris is offering some of their shows on replay here

> The Metropolitan Opera of New York : Nightly Met Opera Streams

Let us know what you've been doing!

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