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How to host a virtual dinner party during Coronavirus

This time is quite sh** (no other ways to say it!). But it is what it is, and we can't do much about it. HOWEVER, we've found a fun alternative to seeing your friends for dinner: host a VIRTUAL DINNER PARTY! YAY

Here's how.

Who with?

If you're on your own, connect with a few friends who might also be on their own. If you're with family, why not ask some cousins, or even your grandparents. I'm currently with my younger brother, and we're finding friends we've got in common, or families we know with similar age groups.

What should we cook?

Pick a recipe to cook the same! So you can then compare whilst your eating. Ask the others what they already have so you can all adapt.

Some example:

- lentil curry: tin of chopped tomatoes, tin of coconut milk & some lentils, taah daaah (+ spice it up, add some sour cream, fresh herbs & veg)

- cheese feast (we did a raclette party): get all the cheese you can find (and eat of course), crackers or fresh homemade bread (if you've been following those Instagram sourdough demos)

- tacos: get yourself some ready-made tacos from the supermarket or make your own, add some fish ceviche, or minced beef, some beans, some corn, some fresh herbs, whatever you fancy!

- why not roast a chicken and make it a virtual-sunday-roast?

The layout

Prepare a nice table setting (yes a tablecloth and some candles could be nice), sitting next to each other and place your laptop in front of you.

Check out #makeamealofit by Laura Jackson over on Instagram for some nice table layout inspo.

The video platform

Choose and connect via a video platform. It depends how many you want to be on here: Skype: you'll need the app on your computer/phone, and share your usernames (up to 50 people!)

Zoom: limited to 40mins (unless you have a pro account, although some are saying the limit has been waved at the moment...), unlimited participants

Facebook Messenger: quick and easy, limited to 6 people on video

Whatsapp video: might not be as good as on a big screen

Google Hangout: limited to 10 users, share with a link

and many more options!


Play some nice music in the background (here are a few songs to get your started)

The drinks

Get some wine out.

You could even make the same cocktails (fancy!).

And that's it!


Remember all of this is temporary, it won't last forever and when we're all out let's have all the dinner parties in the world!

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