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Meals clothing // "Wear what you eat™"

Have you ever wondered about what it would be like if you had the opportunity to eat what you wear? This might sound kind of crazy because it’s not like you need to bite your clothes, well MEALS clothing understands this perfectly.

Rebma & Sam Salad, owners of this LA based clothing brand, created a line based on food patterns with the idea of making ‘food culture’ into apparel, as they said “blurring the lines between the clothes we eat and the food we wear.“

MEALS is a non-gendered clothing brand which combines food and textile into one piece, bringing people together just like food does because we all eat, and we all get dressed.

Their ideology basically explains that the production between these two elements are the same.

“Cooking and clothing production are strikingly similar. To make pants, cotton is grown, milled, cut, sewn, and dyed. To make salad, romaine is grown, chopped, washed, and drizzled in olive oil.”

And with this in mind and being aware of what food & textile waste represent, in their first collection they used vintage clothes and dead stock in order to be faithful to their principles.

Follow the work of MEALS, get inspired by food and dare to wear your favorite food or a mix of it creating your own dish.

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Article written by Merybeth Del Angel (@diariocomo)

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