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Monday meets Food Design: a catch up on the last month!

We've been pretty busy the past month so here is a round up of things you might've missed from our weekly food & design news, including some new products you might want to hear about.

From avocados to Instagram: the decade in food

The Guardian have rounded up the best (and worst) food trends from this decade. It's fair to say a lot has happened. From the rise of supperclubs, pop ups, online food services, and the rise of female chefs, it's so interesting to look back on the past ten years and see what has changed and what has evolved.

Read more here.

Virtual tongue developed to predict taste of food products

"Researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) will participate in VIRTUOUS, a project with €1.1 million (AU$1.7 million) funding from the European Commission. VIRTUOUS stands for ‘Virtual tongue to predict the organoleptic profile of Mediterranean ingredients and their effect on human homeostasis by means of an integrated computational multiphysics platform’. The project will be delivered as a Marie Sklodowska Curie RISE (Research and Innovation Staff Exchange) Action of the Horizon 2020 Programme."

Read more here.

Now for some exciting new special edition products...

Kellogg-owned Pringles launches special-edition Pickle Rick flavour

"Kellogg’s Pringles brand has released a new special-edition Pickle Rick flavour in the US, inspired by the TV series Rick and Morty. The launch is ahead of the 2020 Super Bowl, which the snack brand has teamed up with for the third year running to demonstrate this concept. ‘Flavour stacking’ occurs when consumers stack different flavours of the crisp in order to create new, ‘unique’ combination flavours. Pringles will air its 30-second advert during the second quarter of the game to show this partnership and demonstrate ‘flavour stacking’."

Read more here.

Nestlé Waters unveils limited-edition Perrier can design

"Nestlé Waters has collaborated with Los Angeles-based visual artist duo DabsMyla to create limited-edition packaging for Perrier cans. Perrier and DabsMyla kicked off their partnership earlier this year as part of the brand’s ongoing Perrier Artxtra programme – an initiative focused on supporting and celebrating the contemporary artist community. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, DabsMyla is a wife-and-husband team known for creating immersive environments. “For over 150 years, Perrier has defined its iconic brand through creative collaborations with some of the world’s most dynamic and influential artists and designers, including Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali,” said Danit Eisdorfer, group manager, Perrier."

Read more here.

Pepsi blends coffee and cola to create new Pepsi Café beverage

"PepsiCo is releasing a new blended coffee and cola beverage called Pepsi Café, which it promises will deliver an ‘unexpected, delicious caffeine kick’. Pepsi Café will go on sale in the US in April 2020, and the drink will feature a blend of Arabica coffee and Pepsi cola. The range will initially feature two flavours: original and vanilla. According to PepsiCo, Pepsi Café has nearly double the amount of caffeine than a regular Pepsi cola, and will be available in 12oz slim cans for ‘an easy pick-me-up’."

Read more here.

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