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Monday meets Food Design: a fresh look on food

Welcome to 2020. In the last few days, Impossible Foods have launched a new pork product not made with pork, Burger King mislead vegans with their new "vegan burger", a new cookbook on eggs is out and colonial food makes a reappearance at a Mali photography festival.

CES 2020: Pork made from plants launched by Impossible Foods

"A plant-based pork substitute has been launched in Las Vegas by one of the leading "alternative meat" producers. Impossible Foods, the firm behind the Impossible Burger, says it hopes to appeal to a global audience with its latest vegetarian-friendly meal, which it unveiled at the CES tech show. Pork is currently the most widely consumed meat in the world."

Read more on the BBC.

Apartamento Cookbook #4: Eggs

"Welcome to the fourth annual Apartamento cookbook, this year an homage to the glorious egg, universal symbol of fertility and the circle of life. In this book we’ve compiled the favourite egg recipes (and importantly the stories behind them) of yet another 16 of the world’s best chefs, food lovers, and culinary taste makers, from Tokyo to Tunis. Enjoy!"

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African photography: Colonial food, cock fights and crowded buses

"Bamako Encounters, one of Africa's most prestigious photography festivals, has been celebrating its 25th anniversary. Held in Mali's capital, Bamako, the biennial event brought together the work of 85 photographers from the continent and diaspora. "It's natural that the person who provides you with food will also dictate their will to you. Look at your plate, when you eat imported rice, corn or millet. That's what imperialism is." It is these words from a speech by former Burkina Faso President Thomas Sankara which inspired Adji Dieye to place a spotlight on the Maggi stock cube. The seasoning originates from Switzerland, but is used in much of West African cooking. Referencing traditional portrait photography, Dieye's subjects are clothed in the branding of the stock cubes to blur the difference between merchandise and consumer."

Read more on the BBC.

Burger King's new plant-based burger is not suitable for vegans

"Burger King has launched its first plant-based burger in the UK, but it is not suitable for vegans because of the way it is cooked. The soy-based version of the chain’s Whopper beefburger will be available in UK restaurants from Monday, but is cooked on the same grill as meat, meaning that many non-meat eaters will refuse to eat it. Instead, the fast-food chain is aiming the new burger, which it has named the Rebel Whopper, at “flexitarians” – people who eat meat but are reducing their intake of animal products."

Read more on The Guardian.

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