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Monday meets Food Design: a more sustainable 2020

Here's a round up of what's been going on in the food & design industry since the start of the year, and surprise surprise (finally) more eco-minded things are happening. One brand is implementing smart fridges in Europe and another has changed its branding specially for Veganuary. The other January trend of Dry January is peak time for non-alcoholic Seedlip who've launched a new campaign, and finally if you want to understand a little more about the future of meat, there is a special episode on Netflix about this.

Karma battles food waste with smart fridges

"A fridge in the middle of a train station might be part of the solution to the world’s food waste problem. Or so Karma, the Swedish surplus food selling app, believes.

The Swedish startup helps restaurants and supermarkets sell their surplus food — meals they would otherwise simply have thrown away at the end of the day — through an app.

The concept has taken off enough that Karma has just reached a respectable set of milestones: 1m users and more than 2m meals saved from landfill — oh, and the company is cashflow positive in Sweden. Today it announced a plan to boost growth by installing a series of 100 smart fridges across Sweden, the UK and France, after an initial trial in Sweden proved that this could dramatically increase the amount of waste food that could be saved."

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'This year we're here to support everyone tackling Veganuary and want to make it Easy Beanzy'

"Food giant Heinz is sharing a powerful pro-vegan message with the launch of a limited edition range* of 'Beanz Meanz Vegan' cans on on Saturday. According to the company, the cans - filled with the brand's trademark baked beans - were created to 'remind the huge number of Brits undertaking Veganuary 2020 that the much-loved food classic just happens to be vegan too'."

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Netflix's ‘EXPLAINED’ says the future of meat is cruelty-free

"Popular Netflix series “Explained” is back with a new season, taking deep dives into topics such as cults, pirates, and the future of the meat industry. Every week, the Vox series releases a new celebrity-narrated episode surrounding a different subject. It presents facts, statistics, and interviews with experts in the field. “Cultured meat isn’t any different than conventional meat,” says Josh Tetrick — co-founder and CEO of JUST — in the trailer. “The only difference is, you don’t need to kill the animal.” We'll leave it up to you to make your own mind about the topic but it's great to raise awareness about the issue.

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Seedlip launches debut ad campaign in Dry January

"Seedlip, the non-alcoholic spirit brand in which Diageo has a majority stake, is launching its first ad campaign to tap into the Dry January trend. The work, created by And Rising, has the tagline "Drink to the future" and shows a Seedlip bottle alongside a range of natural ingredients used by the brand. It is set to launch on 13 January, with activity across rail, Underground and buses in London and Manchester. The media agency is Goodstuff Communications. Emma Wykes, chief operating officer at Seedlip, said: "Since the launch of Seedlip four years ago, non-alcoholic drinks brands have continued to flourish as they become progressively prevalent in consumers’ consciousness."

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