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Monday meets Food Design: a strange week but let's make it a good one

This week in the news, it is mostly related to the current COVID-19 situation, but there are a couple of things we could learn from this as the NY Times explains in their lesson. Some distilleries take action and give a helping hand to the current hand sanitiser crisis. Non-coronavirus related there has been some on-going research done for better space food, as well as a photo series shining the light on micro-plastics in food. Have a read!

Lesson of the Day: ‘Food, a Basic Pleasure, Is Suddenly Fraught’

The New York Times explains:

"In this lesson, you will consider how this crisis has affected food and food rituals for people, families and communities, then consider practical things you can do to help. The article you’re about to read addresses two basic questions:

  • How do you feed yourself and your family when restaurants are shuttered and store shelves are emptying?

  • How do you take care of a community in crisis when caregiving meals like Sabbath suppers, pancake breakfasts, casseroles for new parents and funeral food are off limits?

How would you apply those two questions to your own life now?

For instance, how are you and your family feeding yourselves these days? What’s working for you, and what isn’t?"

Read more here.

From spirits to sanitiser: the distilleries producing hand gel instead of gin

Over on the Guardian: "Andrew Mackenzie had been gearing up for a big day on March 18. He was due to visit the Houses of Parliament to unveil the exclusive House of Commons gin he and his team at Verdant Spirit Co. in Dundee have crafted for the historic venue – an event already postponed once, thanks to the original launch date becoming, unexpectedly, election day last December. But this time, circumstances took quite a different turn. For Verdant has, overnight, transformed from a manufacturer of top-quality gin and rum into a makeshift hand-sanitiser factory. "

Read more here.

Gastronauts: Developing food ready for the next space race

"For the new space race, astronauts and space tourists will want to eat a little better than the corn beef sandwiches, applesauce and high-calorie cubes of protein, fat and sugar consumed by NASA scientists in the 1960s. But how to provide genuinely exciting and mouth-watering food that can also stir up happy memories of a home millions of miles away in the confines of zero gravity and restricted room of a space shuttle? That's the challenge four academics led by Professor Marianna Obrist, Professor of Multisensory Experiences at the University of Sussex, have attempted to meet in their paper Space Food Experiences: Designing Passenger's Eating Experiences for Future Space Travel Scenarios."

Read more here.

Sweet Sneak Studio's photo series puts focus on microplastics in the food chain

Dezeen explains: "Sushi wrapped in shopping bags and beer frothing with styrofoam bubbles are among the unappetising images in Sweet Sneak Studio's Microplastic Photo Series that explore the impacts of plastic pollution. The Dutch food design studio teamed up with photographer Morten Bentzon for the series, which features eight different foods that tend to contain microplastics — the sub-five-millimetre pieces that remain after plastic waste degrades. Sweet Sneak Studio undertook the project to raise awareness of the ways that commonly used plastics such as grocery bags and cling wrap re-enter the food chain. They also wanted to bust the myth that seafood is the only culprit."

Read more here.

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