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Monday meets Food Design: celebrating world food, food fashion, and of course Christmas and food

This week we're looking at Lyon's new food space for foodies, exploring food and ingredients from around the world. We also hop over to Singapore and discover a fashion collection inspired by national food favourites. Finally, just to remind you Christmas is nearly there (36 days people), you can read about a food critic's ideal Christmas lunch, as well as an extensive list of foodie gifts to get for your loved ones (or yourself).

Food fantasia: Lyon’s new gastronomy centre puts the world on a plate

"Flavours from all over the globe can be celebrated at a captivating venue inside the redeveloped Grand Hôtel-Dieu by the Rhône." In the city of Lyon, France, a new space focusing on celebrating food has opened. Each month they will emphasise one particular ingredient such as bread this November, followed by chocolate in December. The space will also welcome guest countries from all over the world, the first being Japan. "L’Atlas Mondial de la Gastronomie examines the rituals related to mealtimes and the different techniques and utensils used around the world. Et demain? looks at the future of food, nutrition, sustainability and ecological transitions. Miam Miam is a floor for children who can play hide-and-seek in a room-size food basket, listen to talking animals, fly on a virtual bumblebee’s back across the globe and play with an interactive tea set.

There are all-day food workshops, talks on understanding food labels, using seasonal produce, cooking demonstrations, visits by chefs and the opportunity to do tastings and masterclasses in the Gastro’Lab. Set over four floors, it’s an imaginative, playful, educational experience with high-tech exhibits set in various rustic, curative or culinary settings within the beautifully renovated building." (Source: The Guardian)

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Durians and chilli crabs: Singapore fashion designer celebrates city’s cuisine with food motifs for capsule collection

"Singaporean fashion label Reckless Ericka is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with collections based on the nation’s favourite thing: food." To honor these traditional foods, head designer and co-founder Afton Chen has designed pieces with prints of the famous durian fruit as well as chilli crab patterns. “It is our first time creating our own digital print, so I wanted something that can resonate with me as a Singaporean and a designer. What can be more iconic than food?” says Afton Chen, head designer and co-founder of label Reckless Ericka. (Source: South China Morning Post).

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What does a food critic cook for Christmas?

Jay Rayner is a well-known food critic and explains: "I am employed to travel the country passing judgment on restaurants both grand and less so. Surely, therefore, Christmas lunch in my house must be magnificent; the platonic ideal of Christmas lunches to which all others must aspire, a parade of poise and ooh and ah. I don’t blame anyone for thinking like this, because it’s what I think too. Mine really should be magnificent. It’s no accident that I’ve been a restaurant critic for two decades. I brood about what I’ll be having for dinner while eating breakfast, and daydream perfect lunch menus designed to make my guests swoon, even when I haven’t invited any. So, of course, I want my Christmas lunch to be the very best it can be. The problem is making it so." Find out more about his ideal Christmas lunch by reading this mouth-watering article! (Source: The Guardian)

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Christmas gift ideas for food lovers 2019

The Guardian and Observer Food Monthly have put together a complete list of gift ideas for those food lovers out there. We definitely approve a lot of the items on their list (hint hint). From food foraging playing cards and Icelandic sea salt to a Campbells Soup skateboard (yes yes) and a year’s subscription which would get you a cookbook a month from Daunt Books (VERY dangerous for us), you will definitely find a gift for a special person.

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