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Monday meets food design: human-focused approaches in a covid era

Here we are! Wrapping up the food & design news of the previous weeks, today human-centred design is in the spotlight. Community collaborations in the food world, design which creates rituals and enhances authenticity, all showcasing the importance of mental wellbeing & meaningful connections in times when we need them the most.

"The Walkingboxes" - Food trailer design on a mission towards accessible & sustainable food

Daniel Lorch is a Berlin - based product designer who converts shipping containers made of robust and durable steel to mobile kitchens with an industrial look. His mission is clear; to make good food more accessible and more sustainable and help an industry that is currently struggling in times of Covid -19.

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Food waste is turned into skincare, enhancing the meaning of everyday rituals

Júlia Roca Vera is a Spanish designer who created a range of cosmetic products from discarded fruits, with the mission to encourage people to make use of waste products. Also, a ritual which borrows from ancient holistic bathing traditions is being promoted through this product range, as to encourage a holistic approach to beauty that prioritises health and wellbeing.

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Meet Krueng, a Brooklyn-based pop up collective with a mission to build a restorative food culture

''Krueng, a Cambodian food pop-up based in Brooklyn, is teaching us a lesson on perseverance, preservation, and pluralism. Chakriya is chef, storyteller, and archivist of the Khmer tradition. To critically recognize food as a vessel that carries the livelihoods of an entire culture and its diaspora is to interrogate our sentiments toward careful consumption. Through this recognition we can begin to employ food economies that can promote and sustain the craft and its makers''.

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Human-centred food services

Legacy Retirement Communities in Lincoln, Neb., was called to translate the high-quality food and service into pandemic-standards. From investing in several pieces of equipment, bringing line service to each of their floors and investing in catering for “walk-up restaurants” they worked on a mission to spark excitement for residents and support community businesses.

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Sofi craft bakery - The creation of a community hub through the bread-making process

Located in the courtyard of a restored brick factory in the city's Scheunenviertelquarter, Sofi is a craft bakery that makes bread and cakes using organic ingredients and low-intervention techniques.

The ambition behind the project is for Sofi to serve as a community hub and to supply fresh bread to a selection of local restaurants. The project is a collaboration between Danish chef and restaurateur Frederik Bille Brahe and Design Hotels founder Claus Sendlinger.

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