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Our new food & design research collection. Here we will feature articles about design thinking and processes, food (of course), but more specifically food culture, cook book reviews, food and design trends and much more...

Monday meets Food Design: innovative edible solutions and an art magazine issue dedicated to food

Solein protein powder "100 times more climate-friendly" than other food

Dezeen explains: "Food tech start-up Solar Foods has created a climate-friendly, protein-rich food made from electricity, air and water laced with bacteria. Living microbes are added to the liquid – these create protein that is then dried to form a protein-rich powder.

The production model is similar to the fermentation process that is used to make beer. It can be used to produce food "in the desert, arctic or even in space"."

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Kaiku turns fruit and vegetable waste into natural pigments

"Imperial College graduate Nicole Stjernswärd has invented Kaiku, a system that turns plants into powdered paint pigments using vaporisation technology. Avocados, pomegranates, beetroots, lemons and onions are just some of the fruits and vegetables that can be placed into Kaiku and turned into the raw material for paints, inks and dyes."

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BioSolar Leaf is cleaning the air and putting food on the table

"The BioSolar Leaf is made up of microalgae,  phytoplankton and microscopic plants that are planted along solar-panel-like structures. These structures can be installed alongside buildings and on rooftops and are capable of absorbing CO2 in the air and producing oxygen, thus cleaning the air " explains Design Indaba. This innovative technology was created by inventor, designer & engineer Julian Melchiorri. They add: "These microplants are also capable of growing proteins and sustainable food ingredients."

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Frieze Magazine - the Food Issue

Contemporary art magazine Frieze dedicates a whole issue to Food this September. With articles exploring the history of spectacular dining, food as an activism tool, and the sci-fi future of food, you NEED to get your hands on this magazine. Food and art have always been strongly interlinked and here are some great articles celebrating this union.

Read more here.

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