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Monday Meets Food DesigN: Is 2021 going to be a big year for vegan food?

Here we are! The first round-up of food & design news for 2021 covers new promising materials, exciting start-ups, a recent Kickstarter campaign, 3D-printing technology and veganism accelerating from the early beginning of the year.

The Live Green Co. combines nature, biotech and machine learning

The Live Green Co. is an educational plant based startup which combines ancestral teachings from the world of plant nutrition with modern technology. Their goal? To create more sustainable food offerings and redefine the future of plant-based foods. The company offers a selection of vegan meat alternatives, frozen desserts & pancake mixes. When checking out their meatless burger substitutes, we found four interesting flavors; Mung & Moringa, Chickpeas & Ginger, Black Beans & Mushroom, and Meat-like with Mushrooms.

Read more here.

Blind tasting 3D printed alternative meat: “It tastes and feels like meat”

Israeli start-up Redefine Meat has pulled off the “world’s largest” blind taste for its 3D printed meat alternative. The taste test targeted meat-eaters and the results are in. The company secured over a 90% acceptance rate.

Read more here.

Check the new Public School NY’s Bio – Leather sneakers which are “brewed like kombucha”

“What do you get when you pair an iconic NYC streetwear brand with a materials scientist? Sneakers made entirely from waste using a process similar to making kombucha. To develop the material, Dr. Schiros used two different processes: growing from scratch using a tea and sugar waste base and a circular process that involved sourcing waste SCOBY from Om Champagne Tea’s kombucha brewery”.

Read more here.

Material design: Naturally grown mycelium materials

Grown.Bio is a biotechnology company based in the Netherlands which supports working together with nature. They grow materials out of rest-streams (hemp) and mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms which acts as a binder in any given substrate. They claim that their products are made out of mushrooms, 100% biodegradable and even CO2 negative.

Read more here.

Vegan products: what’s on the UK market right now?

Here’s a fresh look on what’s available in the vegan food industry for anyone who is new to the vegan lifestyle, tries to reduce the meat consumption or just needs a refresher on what’s available in the stores.

Read more here.

Speechless Cookbook: no-words vegan cookbook #make100

“The first visual vegan cookbook designed to empower everyone to be an exceptional vegan chef. We are the team of Speechless Cookbook, and we have created a visual cookbook that enables you to cook tasty vegan meals without reading long recipe descriptions. Speechless Cookbook is a cookbook based on strong visual language and beautiful design, guiding the aspiring chef through the cooking process”

You can back this project on Kickstarter until Sunday, February 7th, 2021.

Read more here.

Photo by JAEMAN JUNG on Unsplash

A book list for designers in 2021

Last but not least, have you decided what to read in 2021? No matter what the answer is, we found a list of great book recommendations for designers to check out. Happy reading!

Check the list out here.

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