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Monday meets Food Design: new year!

Happy New Year! Here is a little roundup of what's been going on this past month and what we can look forward to in the New Year.

Tokiko Iino: Appetizing tales begin with the plate

Japan Times tell the story of Tokiko Iino, a particularly talented food stylist. They explain: "Iino’s goal is a larger one: to draw people together, engaging all of their senses and intellect at the table so diners get to know each other, as well as the food and place." She has been invited all over the world to run workshops, help companies improve their display design and runs classes at universities.

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Where does cannabis packaging design fit as the industry evolves?

With the rise of CBD based products all over the world, regulations have had to be put in place, and that includes packaging design. There are strict guidelines for what information should be present and safety measures. This article was written mainly with the US market in mind but the impact is the same elsewhere.

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Image source from Marie Claire: What is CBD oil? Everything you need to know about 2019’s hottest ingredient.

Anna Piasek makes bento-style boxes for takeaway food from moulded cellulose

"ÉCAL graduate Anna Piasek has created modular takeaway food packaging that can be divided like a bento box and composted after use" explains Dezeen. Students have always been great inspiration for innovation in the design world, but can this influence bigger brands for change? This designer looks at the sustainability impact of fast food, here focusing on asian takeaway food.

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Food in 2050: bacon grown on blades of grass and bioreactor chicken nuggets

"One way or another, our diet is going to be transformed. But will it be better or worse for us and the planet?" asks The Guardian. Sustainability is definitely the main focus for the next decade, with developments in plant based foods and alternatives, according to the Guardian, but also our health.

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