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Monday meets Food Design: slurping, a snacking innovation lab and expiration dates

Our new weekly catch up on what's going on in the food design & food culture world. We've discovered there is a new snacking innovation lab opening in Chicago, we're reading about how changing expiration dates could reduce food waste, as well as a zero waste bistro that is being shortlisted for the Dezeen Awards 2019. We'll start to bring you world updates like these every Monday!

To slurp or not to slurp?

The British ITV channel is giving cultural tips for fans flying over to watch the Rugby World Cup in Japan. They mention "an estimated 50,000 people from the UK are expected to visit the country, where manners speak volumes." Have a read of what they recommend paying attention to here, from blowing your nose in public and how to use your chopsticks to drink pouring rules, they've got you covered.

Snacking innovation lab opening in Chicago

Conagra Brands, a large umbrella company in the US, has recently announced it will open in 2020 a 40,000 square-foot centre focused on R&D in snacking in Chicago. Food Dive explains: "the Conagra Brands Center for Food Design will focus on innovation in snacking. In 2017, Conagra spent $250 million to purchase Angie's Boomchickapop, a maker of ready-to-eat popcorn that uses simple ingredients. The same year, it also acquired Thanasi Food, the manufacturer of Duke's meat snacks brand and Bigs sunflower seeds. Under Conagra, both brands have seen exponential growth." Read more here.

Zero Waste Bistro installation provides circular-economy model at WantedDesign

"Linda Bergroth's pop-up zero waste bistro has been shortlisted in the installation design category" says Dezeen for it's upcoming Dezeen Awards of 2019. Zero Waste Bistro was built at the WantedDesign Manhattan fair in 2018 and open for a duration of four days. The space and interiors were made with recycled packaging including Tetra Pack, and the restaurant composted all its food waste, aiming to focus on a circular economy. Read more here.

We could save up to 30% of food waste by changing expiration dates. So why don’t we?

What if we told you that what's in your fridge right now, you will only eat 50% of it and the rest will end up in your bin even if you are NOT a "food waster"? That's the true reality of food waste in our very own homes. Fast Company tells us an alarming fact: "in the U.S., we waste as much as $218 billion on uneaten food every year when analysing the entire supply chain, including farming and processing.Sometimes things do just rot before we eat them! But often, food is tossed because of a more confounding culprit: the expiration label. " Find out more about this here.

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