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Our new food & design research collection. Here we will feature articles about design thinking and processes, food (of course), but more specifically food culture, cook book reviews, food and design trends and much more...

Monday meets Food Design: the past and future of food

Londoners Have Been Eating Street Food Since Roman Times

"London's currently going through a street food boom, but just because Boxpark didn't exist in Victorian times, doesn't mean that Londoners weren't getting their lunch from street stalls. Hot Peascods! is an exhibition taking place in Aldgate Square right now; it focuses on the street food of London's past, stretching back to Roman times. The exhibition features rarely-seen images from the 16th to 19th centuries and includes remarkable interviews with pioneering social reformer Henry Mayhew from 1850 — who roamed London's streets daily."

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Hot Peascods! runs in Aldgate Square from 17-29 September. On 1 October it moves to Guildhall Yard where it runs alongside a modern street food market, and stays there until 16 October.

How design is democratising the food of tomorrow

Inspired by the V&A's current exhibition Food Bigger than the Plate, Creative Review is looking into the way design is shaping our future in particular in the food industry. This interesting review of the exhibition examines various projects on display and how they have changed the way we eat using cleaver design techniques.

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The rise of the robo-restaurant: AI is ready to take your order

The World Economic Forum has recently observed the presence of AI in the fast food industry in a new article. From bugger-flipping robots to robot-waiters and molecular food scanners, companies are looking into innovative concepts to bring AI to the fast food experience.

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KFC's new facial recognition AI menu and robotic ice cream maker

In Chinese city Shanghai, KFC and other fast food businesses are trialing AI by using facial recognition to guide their customers into more personalised menus. "For most Chinese, such convenience has so far trumped privacy concerns, so companies such as Yum China are able to collect customer data with relative impunity."

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The great 1970s wine revival

Some wines from the past are making their biggest come-back. Find out which ones including the new favourite Beaujolais in The Guardian's article and where to get your hands on some of these popular bottles.

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