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Monday meets Food Design: too much trash and a couple of food-puns

This week we are seeing a few projects around the issue of trash in places like airplanes and supermarkets. A gin company has combined a new product with the famous bloody mary cocktail ingredients, and an artist has made a whole book of satirical recipes inspired by historical famous creatives.

Airline Food Waste Is a Problem. Can Banana Leaves Be Part of the Solution?

"From disposable headphones and plastic cutlery to food scraps and toilet waste, the average airline passenger leaves behind over three pounds of garbage, according to one estimate. To get travelers and airlines thinking — and talking — about that rather large pile of trash, a British design firm, PriestmanGoode, has refashioned the economy meal tray, replacing plastic with renewable materials such as coffee grounds, banana leaves and coconut wood."

Read more here.

Wildspirit's new Bloody Merry Gin with unusual ingredients

"New distillery Wildspirit has partnered drinks design company Denomination to launch a gin that infuses tomato, celery and botanicals. Called Wildspirit Bloody Merry Gin, the spirit is now available in Australia. The brand’s illustration features Wildspirit founder James Dumay with his friends at a sampling party. The detail in the illustration aims to give consumers an opportunity to discover more about the brand story and the ingredients used."

Read more here.

Esther Choi’s Book of Satirical and Playful Recipes

"After discovering an elaborate 1937 menu designed by artist László Moholy-Nagy for Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius, Esther Choi, an artist, architectural historian, and self-taught cook, was inspired to create her own menu of fanciful dishes, which she served to an unexpecting group of artists, designers, and writers at a series of participatory art events that took the form of dinner parties in her Brooklyn loft. Lucky for us, she’s decided to compile these satirical and playful recipes into a book staging food in contemporary arrangements, along with a healthy dose of puns. Some of our favorites include Yokonomiyaki, Quiche Haring, Rem Brûlée, and the Robert Rauschenburger."

Read more here.

Could a simple edible code sticker reduce packaging?

"A new edible, scannable code has been developed for food applications, reducing the need for packaging and allowing consumers to track products from farm to fork." Students from the University of Sunderland are currently developing simple system to get all the information you need about a food product, right on your phone through the use of a small sticker.

Read more here and here.

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