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Monday Meets Food DesigN: WASTE NO MORE! the role of design

First day of the month & today we talk about waste! With waste being a global environmental problem and a huge socio-political issue, solutions for a healthy future for both people and planet are rooted in the active role of designers. Today we cover the recent activities on fighting (food) waste, from panel creation with fruit & vegetable waste, an open call for waste design challenge, to a barbecue "waste protest" which went viral.

October 2021 - The “Waste Age” Exhibition at Design Museum London, UK

The Waste Age exhibition explores imaginative new approaches and materials that will help shape a cleaner future while also letting guests discover their role in ending the waste age. The exhibition takes place from October 23rd 2021 at the Design Museum in London, UK.

Read more here.

The 2021 WDCD “No Waste Challenge” – Call for Submissions

The “No Waste Challenge” presented by What Design Can Do and the IKEA Foundation is a global design competition addressing the impact of waste and consumerism on climate change.

The challenge is focused on radical new ideas and design-driven solutions to reduce waste and rethink our consumption and production cycle. Proposal submission is open by April 1st 2021.

Read more here.

We also found a great article with helpful insights, for any designer who’s addressing (food) waste issues through their work.

Check it out here.

“Mo-tel” – Townhouse Renovation with Recycled Materials

London studio Office S&M renovated a Georgian townhouse in Islington with recycled materials like discarded milk bottles & chopping boards for bathroom counters and leftover marble chips for kitchen worktops. "Mo-tel challenged us to see reuse as a design tool for bold new ideas, and we found value and opportunities in materials that would otherwise have been overlooked," said Office S&M founding partner Catrina Stewart.

Read more here.

"Notpla" Compostable Takeaway Boxes

“Notpla” is a sustainable packaging start- up which makes packaging solutions which can just disappear! Notpla is revolutionary material made from seaweed and plants which biodegrades in weeks, naturally. This exciting start-up company combines designers, chemists, engineers and entrepreneurs to save the planet. The Notpla Box is the latest product in their commitment to reducing plastic waste, as a sustainable replacement to plastic containers and take-away boxes & it promises to give customers the ultimate plastic-free experience!

"Performs like plastic… Degrades like fruit".

Read more here.

Photo by Lisanto 李奕良 on Unsplash

A different way of protesting – Garbage Powered Barbecue

When it comes to improper waste disposal, 32-year-old Indian Ashutosh Singh found a very creative way to protest. He simply set up a portable barbecue grill outside his house, using the garbage as fuel. He grilled cottage cheese and vegetables over the waste-powered grill and served them to friends with tea! The video went viral and actually made the authorities take notice.

Read more here.

Material Design - Food Waste converted Into Energy

Carvey Ehren Maigue created AuREUS, a system that absorbs stray UV light from sunlight & converts it to clean renewable electricity, even on a cloudy day. The solar panels are actually made out of fruit and vegetable waste!

Check his project out here.

Zero Waste Cooking on “BBC Food”

“Dr. Rupy is joined by food activist and good friend Melissa Hemsley, as she pulls up a stool and shares her tips on zero waste cooking. Dr. Rupy cooks up a pick-me-up soup, a seasonal pie full of green goodness and a zero waste, maximum flavour pot roast chicken”.

Read more here.

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