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Monday meets food design: WATER- INSPIRED design

March 22nd is the World Water Day by United Nations, a day which is dedicated to raise awareness on the importance of accessibility to clean and safe water, as in many parts of the world is still very limited.

In today's article, we put together some indicative and very interesting projects, around the topic of water.

''Water Life'' by Aïda Muluneh

Ethiopian photographer Aïda Muluneh in her recent project "Water Life" explores real-world issues with an otherworldly twist. She says that most people can’t imagine a futurist Africa. This photo collection highlights the impact of water scarcity on women.

Check the whole collection out here

Water consumption visualisation shower, iF Design Talent Award 2020

Li Junjie from Huashang College designed a shower which provides real-time feedback to people about the amount of water they use through a visual indicator on the showerhead, to raise daily awareness about the consumption of water.

Read more about the project here

Bowl shaped roofs to collect rainwater by BM Design Studios

''As the planet continues to warm, water scarcity threatens some 30 to 40% of the world’s population. To address their home country’s arid climate, Tehran-based BM Design Studios has unveiled the Concave Roof, a double-roof system which acts as both rainwater catchment and a natural cooling mechanism''.

Read more about the project here

"The Water We Eat" by InfoDesignLab

One great example of design for water is "The Water We Eat", a visual infographic story which sums up important key findings that we cannot ignore if we want to solve the water crisis. The project was developed by Angela Morelli, an award-winning Italian information designer based in Norway and Tom Gabriel Johansen, an award-winning Norwegian information designer, based in Oslo.

Check the story here & read more about the project here

Dutch national tapwater tasting by Marije Vogelzang

Marije Vogelzang created this installation/exhibition to adress the question of how to develop appreciation for mundane tap water. The project is part of the permanent collection at Sunday morning @EKWC in Oisterwijk since 2016.

Check the project out here

‘Urban drinking fountain’ by Filip Krampla

This city drinking fountain is created by designer Filipa Krampla and is inspired by historic city equipment with a new touch.

"Tons of plastic water bottles are saved if we use more drinking fountains near busy (tourist) areas. Slowly flowing water also has the opportunity to evaporate animals like dogs, birds, or even smaller ones like insects - especially in summer periods".

Check the project out here

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