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streetfood today / bread

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

We wanted to look into bread around the world, because we all eat it, in every single country! It's so fascinating to see how this simple piece of food is eaten by all, in so many different ways. Two simple ingredients, flour and water, and sometimes yeast. Many types of flour, many different recipes.

Whilst doing our research, we found a very thorough list by CNN Travel, so here are the types of bread we wanted to highlight from their list. It would be impossible to list ALL the types of bread around the world though!

Simit, Turkey

Malawach, Yemen

Non, Uzbekistan

Crumpets, United Kingdom

Balep korkun, Tibet

Karavai, Russia

Pane carasau, Sardinia

Broa de milho, Portugal

Podplomyk, Poland

Lefse, Norway

Tijgerbrood, Netherlands

Rēwena parāoa, New Zealand

Challah, Israel

Soda bread, Ireland

Sangak, Iran

Dökkt rúgbrauð, Iceland

Pai bao, Hong Kong

Baguette, France

Injera, Ethiopia

Libba, Egypt

Luchi, Bangladesh

Montreal bagels, Canada

Damper bread, Australia

Bolani, Afghanistan

Lavash, Armenia

Ciabatta, Italy