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What is a more confronting and restorative dish on a cold (and not only...) day than a bowl of soup? Today we investigate the broad world of soups, a very universal dish with ancient roots.

Let's go through a collection of classic soup dishes from around the world which uniquely represent each culture. In our list you will find some fascinating additions as well! Have you ever tried the famous bird nest soup?


Gazpacho Soup, Spain

A refreshing cold soup originated from Andalusia, Spain which is served as a starter but also as a healthy snack especially during summer. It is based on tomato, with a variety of blended vegetables and the addition of bread.


Banga Soup, Nigeria

A soup made from palm fruit, which is originated from the Urhobo tribe in delta state, Nigeria. Among the ingredients we find beletete, aidan fruit, rohojie, Banga spice leaves called Obenetietien, oburunbebe, onions, ground crayfish, chili pepper and salt. Packets of ready-mixed banga spice are also being sold in several shops.


Beer Soup, Germany

Beer soup is originally invented in Germany but it is consumed around Europe. There are several variations made from beer and fried flour as main ingredients, but also using potatoes and different types of cheese. The soup used to be served as breakfast during the Middle Ages.


Onion Soup, France

For this amazing soup, onions are caramelized over a low heat for long time. The soup is topped with a thick slice of bread loaded with melted Gruyere cheese and broiled until it gets a golden colour. The success of the soup depends on the broth quality which is usually made from beef.


Tom Yum Soup, Thailand

This is a spicy and sour soup made from shrimps, shallots, lemongrass, fish sauce, fresh ginger, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and Thai chili peppers. The soup is garnished with coriander leaves on top and there are two versions, the clear one and a more creamy one with the addition of evaporated milk.


Miso Soup, Japan

Miso soup is based on 3 main components; dashi, miso and a choice of other ingredients like tofu or seaweed. Dashi is a Japanese stock with an umami flavour coming from ingredients like kombu (kelp) and katsuobushi (bonito flakes). Miso is a fermented soybean paste. There are several variations of the soup according to the addition of ingredients, and it is very interesting to make it at home from scratch!


Czarnina/Czernina Soup, Poland

Our list would not be complete without some unusual soup recipes. Czarnina or Czernina is a soup from old-Polish cuisine with duck or goose blood as the main ingredient. The acidity of blood and vinegar is balanced with the sweetness of added dried fruits. The recipe also includes carrot, parsley, celery and a variety of herbs and is usually served with boiled potatoes, pasta or dumplings.


Kiburu Soup, Kilimanjaro

This unique soup comes from the Chagga tribe at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Their produce is based on bananas and coffee and this is exaclty what this soup contains! There is a third "secret" ingredient which is simply... dirt for seasoning, as it gives additional saltiness and earth notes to the soup!


Bird Nest Soup, China

The last soup in our list is quite unconventional as well. It is considered as a delicacy in China from old times, and it is very expensive. The soup is made from the nests of swiftlet birds indigenous to South East Asia. The nests are held together by saliva, which gives the soup a gelatinous body.

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