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Do you miss travelling as much as we do? While reading about the most popular foods around the world, we observed something that world cuisines have in common. And there's nothing more than the art of mixing ingredients in a wrap-style food for a convenient meal on the go!

From burritos, to stuffed pita bread and spring rolls, let's experience the different food cultures by checking out the most popular signature wraps.


Arem-Arem. Indonesian cuisine

A cylindrical rice cake wrapped in banana leaves, which is eaten as a snack but also very common for breakfast. The banana leaf is filled with vegetables or minced meat and the rice is usually cooked in coconut milk.


Burrito. Mexican & Tex-Mex cuisine

A very popular flour tortilla stuffed with meat, beans, salsa, and other fillings (cheese, sour cream, and guacamole are quite common additions).


Dürüm. Turkish cuisine

A wrap usually filled with typical döner kebab ingredients. The wrap is made from lavash or yufka flatbreads, and a lot of vegetables are also added.

Falafel Wrap: Middle Eastern Cuisine

Thin pita bread with crispy falafel (made from ground chickpeas or fava beans), lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and tahini dressing.


Ssäm: Korean Cuisine

In Ssäm, Korean for "wrapped," a leafy vegetable filled with meat and flavoured with a sauce from soybean paste, chili paste, and sesame oil. One of the most popular Ssäm is sangchum a lettuce wrap filled with rice, pork, or kimchi.


Cabbage Rolls. Eastern European & Balkan cuisine

There are so many varieties of this roll! Cabbage rolls are also known as sarmi (Bulgarian), holubky (Czech) and balandeliai (Lithuanian). Slavic, Greek and Italian dishes we see beet and grape leaves instead of cabbage. Most rolls include ground meat mixed with a type of grain.


Spring Rolls. Southeast Asian cuisine

This rolled appetiser takes many forms as well. We find it fried or fresh, containing vegetarian or meat fillings and are usually served with a dipping sauce.


Dhalpuri Roti. Trinidadian cuisine

Dhalpuri roti is a layered flatbread with a ground split pea mixture and a filling of chicken, chutney, or potatoes. Roti is eaten widely across the West Indies, especially in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago.


Chiko Rolls. Australia

A snack originated back from1950s, invented by a boilermaker named Frank McEncroe. It is an egg and flour pastry roll stuffed mainly with cabbage and barley but can be found with beef a well. It is is typically deep-fried in vegetable oil.

Kati Roll - Indian cuisine

A kati (or kathi) roll is a skewer-roasted kebab, wrapped in paratha bread which normally contains coriander chutney, egg, and chicken. There are variant types which evolved throughout the years, which can also be vegetarian.


Souvlaki. Greek cuisine

Last but not least, we have gyros wrap (or souvlaki). Roasted meat (usually lamb or beef) sliced off of a rotating spit, tomato, onion and a yogurt-based sauce called tzatziki, all being wrapped in a soft pita flatbread.

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