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Bee pollen is one of the most natural and delicious of sweet foods, and on top of that, it is packed full of nutritional goodness! Bee pollen has been consumed since ancient times and, although not scientifically proven, it is considered to have amazing health benefits – it contains over a dozen vitamins, amino and fatty acids and is 25% protein, making bee pollen a genuine powerhouse among the many ‘superfoods’ available today. It is believed to help with muscle recovery and stamina, to help fight allergies, to help with weight control due to its effect on the metabolism and to improve the circulation.

Bee pollen can be used as a sweetener and supplement to juices, smoothies and teas, it can be added to enrich granola and ‘energy’ bars, and even eaten ‘neat’. Many people today are turning to bee pollen to make their diet healthier, and on top of the health benefits, it is totally delicious! For a breakfast which will really set you up for the day, try mixing bee pollen with natural yoghurt, or even just stir into your morning cuppa.

Bee Pollen

  • 100% bee pollen

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