Beetroot Powder


FACT 1: Colouring

Beetroot powder is the ideal red food colouring as it is 100% natural.  Commonly used in Tandoori spice blends, Tikka Masala, butter chicken, Chinese sweet & sour dishes and Chinese red pork seasoning or simply when you’d like to add a natural red colour to your food just for a bit of fun.  Beetroot powder has a subtle sweet flavour which does not clash with other flavours therefore perfect for adding to vegetable juices like carrot and celery.  It’s a great addition to foods as it keeps your dish natural in every way while giving it an exotic appearance at the same time.


FACT 2: Sweetnener

Other than a food colouring, beetroot powder’s other purpose is to act as a natural sweetener. It is becoming increasingly popular in sweet dishes such as cakes, biscuits and cookies. Anything chocolatey pairs well with beetroot. Next time you make a chocolate cake or some chocolatey brownies, try adding a teaspoon or two of beetroot powder.

Alternatively for a healthy kick, why not make a smoothie with beetroot powder or you can try a carrot, ginger & beetroot juice. A perfect start to the day!


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