• 200ml


Colour changing cocktails yay! This fun-tastic cocktail mix will change colour when you pour your mixer on top. We used blue pea flowers to infuse our gin which naturally change colour when exposed to high PH levels (acidity).


This cocktail mix has 4 servings. Pour 50ml at a time into 4 tall glasses, and top with one of the following:

- prosecco

- tonic

- lychee juice with a little lemon juice

- grapefruit juice with seltzer or soda for a paloma cocktail

(or any of your favourite gin mixers)

... and watch the colour of your cocktail change!

Chromatic Gin // Cocktail Mix for 4

  • Blue pea flower infused gin.

  • This product is made to order and will be dispatched in 1-2 days.

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