Glico Pretz Cultured Butter Pretzel Sticks


Full of rich, buttery flavour.


Delight in the uniquely tasty and fragrant flavours of cultured butter with Glico's exclusive cultured butter flavoured Pretz pretzel sticks. Cultured butter is butter made with fresh cream that has been allowed to sour slightly and develop a nutty tanginess that remains after the cream has been churned into butter. Actual cultured butter has been used to season these Pretz pretzel sticks, so you can rest assured that their flavour is genuine.



Pretz are one of the biggest product lines of Japanese confectionery giant Glico. Along with Pocky, arguably the most well-known product line Glico has, Pretz come in a variety of flavours and textures, with new products being made regularly. If you are a fan of Pocky or Pretz, be sure to check in at Japan Centre regularly to see what new items we have available.


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