Hatakosen Ramune Soda


A fun, bubbly Japanese classic.

Transport yourself to Japanese summer days and festivals with Hatakosen's ramune soda. With a wonderfully unique bubble gum flavour, this ramune comes in a Codd-neck bottle, a traditional style of soft drink bottle with a glass ball marble stopper. To open, you must use the included plunger to 'pop' the marble stopper. 



Ramune is a well-known and unique element of present-day Japanese culture. Often seen in anime, manga and j-dramas, ramune soft drinks are most notorious for their distinct Codd-neck bottles and sweet, fruity flavours. For more ramune flavours and other fun Japanese lemonades and juices, take a look at Japan Centre Online’s soft drinks section.


How To Use:

  • Open your ramune on a flat, stable surface.
  • Pop out the pull-tab and push down the push tab until the marble pops down into the special chamber along the bottle neck.
  • Hold the push-tab down for a few extra seconds before drinking.


Watch how to open the Hatakosen Ramune Soda here on Youtube.


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