Himalayan Salt Shots


he age-old drinking ritual of the mighty tequila shot is due a serious revamp – rather than licking the salt off your hand like a cat grooming itself, why not try something a little more sophisticated? 

These beautiful Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are hand-crafted from 100% rock salt mined near the Himalayas. They infuse a subtle salty taste into your shots to get the saliva flowing and enhance the flavours of the spirit. 

The glasses come as a set of 4 on an Acacia wood serving board – the naturally occurring colours and pink marble patterns within the salt coupled with the unique grain of the wood makes each set one-of-a-kind

Oh and for all the naysayers out there, these beautiful glasses won't melt into a salty puddle after a single use. Because they're made from solid rock salt (which is a natural preservative), with a little love and care they should last for many a fiesta.



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