IKEA - BITTERGURKA Plant holder w/ LED cultivation bulb


You can grow plants indoors all year round, even if natural light is low.

The cultivation bulb, combined with nutrition and water, gives plants everything they need to grow strong.


Plants are sensitive to different colours of light than the human eye. Compared to a regular light source, the LED cultivation bulb has another colour spectrum with more blue and red tones that help your plants grow and thrive.


The plant holder keeps the cultivation bulb approx. 30 cm away from the plants, a perfect distance for them to thrive and grow.


Fits 4 potted plants with a maximum diameter of 10.5 cm.

Energy consumption: 3.84 kWh per month, if used for 16h per day.

GX53 LED cultivation bulb is included.


This product bears the CE mark.



Chenyi Ke



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