IKEA - VÄXER Grow kit w/ 8 pots and light fixture


Want to know exactly what you are eating? Grow your own vegetable garden indoors, 365 days a year. It’s fun, healthy and sustainable. Use with VÄXER cultivation light and watch your plants grow and thrive.


A cable tidy to the side makes it easy to keep cables tucked away.


This light fixture makes sure that your plants always get light at the correct distance.


You can use the sprout insert to grow your own bean sprouts.


Porous pumice stones soak up water immediately and allow airflow around the plant roots.


Pumice stones are perfect for hydroponic growing.


Pumice stones are the perfect alternative to soil as growing media - just add nutrients.


The included funnel makes it easy to top up the water-fertilizer solution.


The nursery lid allows air to circulate through the nursery and keeps heat and moisture inside - perfect conditions for seed growth.


The water gauge helps you add the right amount of water-fertilizer solution, see when you need to top up or if you've added too much.



IKEA of Sweden/David Wahl



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