Liquid Marseille Soap -Sweet Almond


Saponified in a cauldron according to tradition, our liquid Marseille soap Sweet Almond is enriched with botanical oils and changes into a lightweight and creamy foam that gently cleanses the skin. Presented in a glass pump bottle with a sleek design, it will look great in your kitchen or bathroom.

We love:
- its formula with minimum 95% of the ingredients from natural origin*
- its selection of botanical oils from partnerships with local producers: olive oil and sweet almond oil from Provence, grape seeds oil from France
- its practical, unbreakable and recyclable PET pump bottle, perfect for the bathroom
- its deliciously addictive almond fragrance created in Grasse

*The remaining 5% are necessary to ensure the right preservation qualities in the product and a texture even more sensorial.


A comforting scent with tasty notes of almond mixed with the delicate scent of jasmine and almond white flowers.



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