Tohato Caramel Corn Fruit Parfait Snacks


Let these tasty snacks take you back in time, with their classic fruity sweetness.


Tohato lets its forever fun Caramel Corn snacks explore through time, to meet its trademark crunchy corn puffs with the unmistakably fruity goodness of the classic fruit parfait dessert. A nostalgic cafe favourite of the 60's, the light and smooth Caramel Corn mixture provides the perfect base for condensed milk and cream to add that fluffy whipped cream texture and taste to each bite, enhanced in flavour by the addition of fruit juices such as strawberry to tantalise the tastebuds with juicy sweetness. Made to puff up beautifully once baked, these snacks simply melt in the mouth with their creamy, permeating flavour, recreating the exciting refreshment of this dessert on a hot day, with simple, pleasing, crunchy treats, to share or savour for yourself. 


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