Secret Urban Suppers​

inspired by Brooklyn, New York

Discover the creative story of Brooklyn, New York, where there is always a story around the corner. Did you know Sweet N'Low sugar packets were created in this district?

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"Brooklyn began as a settlement in 1634 on the East River Shore of Long Island. It grew to a sizeable city in the 19th century and was consolidated in 1898 with New York City.


Brooklyn borders with Queens, at the western end of Long Island.


In the first decades of the 21st century, Brooklyn experienced a renaissance as an avant garde destination. It has evolved into a thriving hub of entrepreneurship, high technology startup firms as well as art and design."


- A Sip of Sweetness -

Cherry syrup, ginger beer, vanilla vodka, thyme,

Sweet n Low sugar rim


Did you know Sweet’N Low has Brooklyn roots?

"What’s even cooler is the Sweet’N Low factory was located in the same place it started for almost 60 years. It was invented by Benjamin Eisenstadt who had a cafeteria in Brooklyn Navy Yard. Business slowed down after WWII, so he needed a new idea to support his family.

His first idea was to create individual serving-size packets of sugar, but that idea was stolen after he pitched it to large sugar producers. Soon after, he and his son struck sweetener gold when they invented a zero calorie single serving sugar substitute called Sweet’N Low. It was named after the song, “Sweet and Low” and the package was pink so it would stand out alongside regular sugar packets."


- Over the Brooklyn Bridge -

Mini bagels, apricot and garam masala conserve, dried edible flower mix


"Brooklyn is the most populated borough of New York City. This neighbourhood has several bridge connections including the famous Brooklyn Bridge built in 1883 going across the East River. By crossing it you enter a world of creativity and liveliness."


- Literary Breuckelen -

Dutch savoury pastry - Potato, sauerkraut, kale in puff pastry


"Brooklyn was originally called Breuckelen by the Dutch meaning marshland. The Dutch colonists named it after the scenic town of Breukelen, Netherlands. The New Amsterdam settlement of Breuckelen went through many spelling variations, including Breucklyn, Breuckland, Brucklyn, Broucklyn, Brookland, Brockland, Brocklin, and Brookline/Brook-line. There have been so many variations of the name that its origin has been debated; some have claimed breuckelen means "broken land." The final name of Brooklyn, however, is the most accurate to its meaning.


As an independent system, separate from the New York and Queens public library systems, the Brooklyn Public Library offers thousands of public programs and millions of books. There are 58 library branches, placing one within a half mile of each Brooklyn resident."


- That local food cart -

Gourmet american hot dog in brioche bun with caramelised onion, pickled red cabbage, pickled cucumber, organic radish sprouts, red peppers

Served in a plastic red streetfood basket


"It’s no surprise that hot dogs were invented in Brooklyn, right in Coney Island. It’s still home to the world’s most famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at Nathan’s Famous. German immigrant Charles Felton moved to the U.S. when he was 15. When he was older, he opened up a beer garden and entertainment venue in Coney Island where Luna Park now stands. He came up with the idea to put German all-beef Frankfurters in a long roll he made at his Park Slope bakery. He called them ‘Coney Island Red Hots” and at 10 cents each, they were a hit. Eventually they just became known as “hot dogs”."


- Brooklyn Live -

Dehydrated fruit leather, blackberry and strawberry


"Boasting multiple concert venues, Brooklyn is the place to go for music. Brooklyn hosts the world-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Philharmonic. The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) includes a 2,109-seat opera house, an 874-seat theater, and the art house BAM Rose Cinemas. Bargemusic and St. Ann's Warehouse are located on the other side of Downtown Brooklyn in the DUMBO arts district. Brooklyn Technical High School has the second-largest auditorium in New York City (after Radio City Music Hall), with a seating capacity of over 3,000. 


A few music venues in Brooklyn:

An imperishable part of New York's notorious downtown scene of the 1980s, Roulette packed its bags in the spring of 2011 and decamped to Brooklyn, where it set up shop in a lavishly refurbished Art Deco theater. Come for the jazz and experimental music and leave happy.


Operated by the hip folks behind beloved art and music haven Glasslands, Elsewhere is a 24,000 square-foot converted warehouse which hosts live shows and DJ nights on three stages: two inside and one rooftop space. Its bookings feature a diverse mix of cutting-edge indie-rock, electronic music and more. "


- Edible Artscape -

Meringue, edible fruit powders, mango purée, dried edible flower mix, matcha cake

"What separates Brooklyn’s galleries from those in Chelsea, the Upper East Side and the Lower East Side? They’re located in the neighborhoods where most of New York City’s artists actually live. From Greenpoint and Dumbo to Bushwick and Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn’s gallery scene brings a farm to table freshness to shows by emerging artists, many of them straight out of graduate school. In terms of the quality of the art shown, and the sheer number of spaces, Brooklyn’s scene holds its own against Manhattan’s.


Brooklyn hosts the second largest public art collection in the United States, housed in the Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Museum, opened in 1897, is New York City's second-largest public art museum. It has in its permanent collection more than 1.5 million objects, from ancient Egyptian masterpieces to contemporary art. "