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So if you weren’t aware yet, we are a little obsessed with anything food related. But did you know, skin is like our second stomach, so you need to feed it the right stuff. Natural ingredients are of course the best to use on our face but what about edible ingredients?

This is a therapeutic scent making class, where you will create your own bespoke aroma blend for your individual body & emotional needs. Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system and passes through our body, connecting to the emotions and hormone balance.

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This workshop is a food landscape drawing class, where we create a physical food landscape based on a different theme each time and you get to draw it. Be ready for a little creative stimulation and we’ll guide you through various exercises to explore ways to represent what you see.

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Looking for something a little different from your usual breakfast meeting? What about a cereal bar where you can mix your cereal from a selection of delicious choices? Who said cereal was only for breakfast?! You can also book this for an afternoon event or for whenever you fancy!

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