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Edible Words is an online webinar platform. Our aim is to host online discussions that are accessible to the whole world. We will discuss various topics around food, trends, wellbeing etc, and welcome a panel of speakers each time.

How it works

Simply book your spot via the links below and we will send you a Zoom weblink so you're ready at the time of the event. We will be hosting these usually at 15.00 GMT so this is a good time for everyone around the world.​ 

These sessions will be either free (food meditation) or donation based for panel talks. Please feel free to donate however much you can afford. We are very grateful to have your support in this difficult time! This is what keeps businesses like us going...

See ya all soon!


coming up

18 Mar

Episode 1 / a food meditation session

20 Mar

Episode 2 / Food & Experience Design

(a discussion)

+ Jashan Sippy, founder of Sugar & Space (

+ Ines Neto dos Santos, food artist (@inesns)

+ Alexa Trilla, architecture & food designer (@archicookture)

+ Merybeth Del Angel, food designer (@diariocomo)

24 Mar

Episode 3 / Wellbeing in the modern world

+ Erin Wainwright, Yoga instructor focusing on breath-work & movement (@erindalemovement)

+ Rose Miller, Singer & actor (

26 Mar

Episode 4 / Discussing food books

+ Tanya Gohil, Founder of Devi's, chef & writer (@____t_a_n_y_a)

+ Orlando Lovell, Interdisciplinary designer whose main medium is cake (@orlandolovell_studio)

+ Giulia Soldati, Designer in love with food cultures & Founder of Contatto Experience (@giuliaasoldati)

31 Mar

Episode 5 / The spaces of food

+ Maria-Chiara Piccinelli, Co-founder and Director of Architects ( -

+ Zoe Hegedus, Food designer/Chef/Food stylist (@zoe_hegedus -

03 Apr

Episode 6 / Eating for your mind

+ Erin Wainwright, Yoga instructor focusing on breath-work & movement (@erindalemovement)

+ Joey Hulin, Writer & meditation teacher, soon releasing a mindfulness eating book (@horizoninspired)

07 Apr

Episode 7 / Storytelling in food design

+ Rocio Egio, Graphic designer and illustrator (@rocioegiostudio,

+ Augusta Sørensen, Food artist (@thetasteofaugusta,

+ Tine Galatius, Creator of food performances for conferences with added value (@conferencecampus)

09 Apr

Episode 8 / What's in our food?

+ Katinka Versendaal, Food designer and self-proclaimed ‘gastronomic futurologist’ with a curiosity for what is going on in the world of food (@the_eatelier,

+ Lauren Lovatt, Plant based chef & Entrepreneur, Recipe development/Teaching/Couture Catering, Creator @plantacademylondon & @feedyourmindcandy

14 Apr

Episode 9 / The rituals of food

+ Safia Shakarchi, British Iraqi baker, food writer, photographer, stylist and creative food consultant (@dearsafia,

+ Nataly Restrepo, Food Designer based in Mexico & Colombia, creator of Food Design Education (@natalyrestrepov,

14 Apr

Episode 10 / Our sensory memory

+ Lotte Meeuwissen, Food designer from the Netherlands ( ,

+ Laila Snevele, Sensory food designer from the Netherlands (@sensory_food_design,

Ola Lanko, Chef & visual artist (,,

21 Apr

Episode 11 / Is a zero waste society possible?

+ Tracy Sutton, Packaging design & environmental consultant, founder of Root Innovation (@rootinnovation -

+ Adrienne Wallace, Masters in environmental science specialising in equitable waste management, from Ecuador (@zero.wast.ed)

23 Apr

Episode 12 / The mysteries of food science

+ Cathrine Østerberg - Founder of Østerberg Ice Cream, BSc in Food Science, MSc in Gastronomy & Health, MA in Functionality of proteins and emulsions in ice cream, from Denmark (@osterbergicecream,
+ Steph Marsden, Food Designer with an MSc in Gastronomy (@foodplayfood,

Episode 11 / Is a zero waste society possible?+ Adrienne Wallace, Masters in environmental science specialising in equitable waste management, from Ecuador (@zero.wast.ed)

28 Apr

Episode 13 / The effects of COVID-19 on the food industry PART ONE

+ Jess Shepherd - Chef, farm-to-table and sustainability advocate from South Africa (@goodtogather)

+ Zack Denfield - Artist, Design Researcher and Educator, co-founder of The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (@genomicgastronomy,

+ Akash Muralidharan - Architect and Food Designer from India, Member of The Center of Genomic Gastronomy (@akash_muralidaran,

30 Apr

Episode 14 / The effects of COVID-19 on the food industry PART TWO

+ Emily Robertson - Chef, Artist and Co-founder of Egg & Shoulders from South Africa (@eggnshoulders, @em.harriet)

+ Cécilia Thomas - Co-founder of gourmet cocktail-sorbets Poptails by LAPP from France & UK (@poptailsbylapp,

05 May

Episode 15 / Why we need food designers

+ Stefano Citi - Culinary Creative Consultant & co-founder of Tour de Fork (@tourdefork,

+ Nicole Vindel - Food Designer & Artist, co-founder @randomhappinessofficial (@nicolevindel,

07 May

Episode 16 / Food zines around the world

+ Madison Trapkin, Writer, editor, and founder of GRLsquash (@grlsquash,

+ Jenn de la Vega - Editor-At-Large of Put A Egg On It. (@randwiches, @putaeggonit,

19 May

Episode 17 / special: talk + interactive experience - how sound can affect taste

+ Caroline Hobkinson - Food artist and food anthropologist  (@caro_hobkinson,

+ Jacob Thompson Bell - Composer and creative producer (@jthompsonbell,

20 May

Episode 18 / What we can learn from East Asian food culture

+ Chieri Higa - Okinawan-Japanese-American in Amsterdam, currently finishing a cookbook made together with her Grandma. She is also Japan's correspondent for the Dutch Institute of Food Design. (@annals_of_food)

+ Takako Masuki - Graphic designer and illustrator from Japan (@asian_food_design,

26 May

Episode 19 / Would you eat insects?

+ Giulia Maffei, biologist and scientific communicator

+ Giulia Tacchini, food designer


28 May

Episode 20 / Celebration cakes + Q&A with Salty Studio

+ Maud de Rohan Willner, Creative food & experience designer, founder of Salty Studio (@saltystudiouk,

+ Jessica Reed, Cake Historian exploring history, culture, mental health, and identity through the lens of cake (@cake_historian ,

04 Jun

Episode 22 / Cereal but not just for breakfast

+ Max Moore, founder of Cereal Cafe  Brighton (@cerealcafebtn)

09 Jun

Episode 21 / Designing restaurant, cafe & bar menus

+ Maud de Rohan Willner, founder of Salty Studio

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