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The inaugural issue of Food Design Nation's periodical publication features contributions from 15+ designers, artists, creatives, and collaborators across 10 countries, embracing action-based conversations. This issue cultivates thematic collaboration among our global citizens to speculate change through tangible and creative solutions.

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What if a nation unifies identities according to a shared purpose beyond location? What if we meet online to design better physical systems around food? IAM Internet invited voices from Food Design Nation to share about a nation without borders.

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The panel of International Food Design is reunited to approach different perspectives in order to actively contribute to improving the food ecosystem.

👉 For Food Design Festival 2021

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We run our own podcast! On here we bring together inspiring people from different backgrounds to talk about past, current and future food & design trends. From food culture to eating spaces, food science and experience design, we want to talk about it all. Add to that a pinch of wellbeing, curiosity, sustainability, creativity and of course our senses.

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Maud is the UK ambassador for Food Design Nation, a collaborative hybrid platform connecting global food creatives to design better futures of food. We've been hosting networking events, food design talks and launched FDzeeN.


Discover the exciting discipline of Food Design. Learn from expert professionals to switch to a field you’re passionate about. "How to master your creative food design career" with Maud, founder of Salty Studio.

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Designer profile & work on Isola Design District, Milan. Partnered with IDD for Dutch Design Week 2020.


Participant in the Dutch Design Week 2020 with "Can we change?" project on the future of edible packaging & sustainability. In partnership with Isola Design District for the "Materialized" exhibition.

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International Food & Experience correspondent for the DIFD. Maud wrote an article around 'The Emotional Element', explaining that "Designers can tell stories through their work and raise awareness about issues that we need to talk about more."


What are spoons used for? What does a spoon look like? Here are some questions I asked myself. These spoons are here to challenge our perception of what spoons should be.

👉 For Foodture Barcelona


Our founder Maud was asked to present her work for the students of the RCA's MA Experience Design, during an online talk in June 2020.

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Collab project for Mrs Phink's House with Shiso Studio and many other food designers, food artists etc in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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