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Emotions & Moods

30th October 2019

Table Talks is a talk and dine supperclub series featuring 4 ladies discussing their work and presenting one topic of discussion for each course. The events are open to all genders and won't necessarily discuss female issues but mostly general topics of current interest. We just want to put forward some amazing ladies to lead these talks!


4 course meal + a welcome cocktail

Wine will be available to purchase on the night

This event's theme is Emotions & Moods, exploring what is expected of us in this current society and what we can do to deal with these in professional situations but also in our personal lives..

Venue: Beara Beara Café, Angel


Our speakers

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Alice Jauer is a French student studying neuroscience at King's College in London. She is passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and working on the impact of AI on mental health care. Alice will be looking into how AI will express emotions & moods and how we would treat them.

Dish: Grilled corn, plums, avocado, strawberries, seaweed, beetroot powder, hazelnuts, micro coriander, lime, lemon & carraway seed vinaigrette


Inspired by a dish developped by IBM's AI Chef Watson (view it here) and our curiosity for AI.

Tanya Gohil is a chef, writer and the founder of Devi's - a contemporary dining concept championing diverse female chefs in professional kitchens. She hosts the Food & Feminism podcast launching end of 2019. She will be talking to us about how to deal with emotions & moods in the hospitality industry.



Instagram: @devis_ldn

Dish: Oatly & parsnip cream, harissa, rainbow carrots, thyme, white truffle oil

Inspired by the hospitality world, the fun moments as well as the spicier moments and obstacles that one has to go through.

Gaja Klapucka behind @eatclean_talkdirty treats each plate as canvas and uses it to create a bridge between her and the world, by translating emotions into food. She draws the inspiration for dishes from distant memories, nature, art, people and the Life itself.


Dish: Coconut & orange blossom water sahleb, rose & raspberry syrup, blue cornflowers, rose petals

Inspired by the emotion of feeling cosy, safe and dreamy.

Maud de Rohan Willner is the founder of Salty Studio. She will be talking about the connection between our brain and gut, and how what you eat can have a direct impact on your emotions and mood.

Dish: Happy uplifting tea by Teapigs ice cream with ginger biscuits

Inspired by research into foods that influence our emotions and moods and psychobiotics.


Cocktails for this event were made with Blooming Blends

mood enhancing herbal tinctures. These are available for a wide range of situations where you might need a little extra boost!

Visit their website here.

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Granita made with Happy Uplifting tea by

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