Social Media Addictions & FOMO

13th January 2020

Table Talks is a talk and dine supperclub series featuring 4 ladies discussing their work and presenting one topic of discussion for each course. The events are open to all genders and won't necessarily discuss female issues but mostly general topics of current interest. We just want to put forward some amazing ladies to lead these talks!


4 course meal + a welcome cocktail

Wine will be available to purchase on the night

This event will be focusing on our social addictions and FOMO. We thought this busy festive time would be a perfect moment to address this pretty important topic. We spend so much time daily on social media, looking at what others are doing (friends or non-friends), where they are, who they're with. But we look at this through our phone's screen. Seeing all these things happening on social media makes us want to DO things, whether its being at parties, wanting to be surrounded by friends, travelling etc. It can be very positive if it's making us want to do more, but it can be hard to take that leap out of our phone and into the real world. It can also be draining, by constantly looking at what others are doing, you can end up putting pressure on yourself by doing too much and trying to achieve something you're not even sure what. This is because unconsciously you are comparing yourself to others. And this feeling of FOMO is the worse feeling, but some feel it more than others. The Fear Of Missing Out. If you're in your daily routine you might feel like you're missing out on travelling when seeing your friends on Instagram sharing those pics from their trip to Greece or South America. But then when you decide to take the leap and go for a couple of months travelling or study abroad, then you miss out on birthdays and seeing friends. It's tricky finding the right balance, and letting go of these daily pressures! It's also hard if social media is a big part of your work too. So let's talk about this.

We are partnering with a funky new space (they're only 2 months old!): Make Town in Hackney (a few mins walk from Hackney Central Overground). This lovely space is a textiles & craft studio and most importantly "a central hive of buzzing creativity, focused on inspiring and guiding you through your personal journey of making."

Make Town logo.png

Make Town

@ Corner Morning Lane + Chatham Place
London, E9 6LL



Our speakers

Immy May is a yoga teacher, ambassador at Sweaty Betty, and recently founded Cake and Yoga Club, as well as a new offering, The Art of TLC (Tender Loving Care). She focuses on helping us feel good, as she explains "Tender loving care is something that we all need a little more of, whether that’s in the form of prosecco with your chums, a juicy yoga flow or a slab of your favourite cake. " We'll listen to what she thinks of social media, how we can turn it in a more positive tool as well as how to take better care of ourselves.


Website: & Instagram: @immymay_ & @cakeandyogaclub

Masa Milenkovic is the co-founder of Bright Minds. Her experience includes having a psychology degree, volunteering abroad, working on acute wards and being a qualified laughter yoga trainer. Bright Minds is based on the concept that our minds deserve to be given the same amount of attention and time as we give to our physical bodies. If we manage to find time to work on our bodies, why not find time to work on our minds?

Website: Instagram: @brightmindsbm

Maud de Rohan Willner is the founder of Salty Studio. She will talk you through her conflicts with social media as a business where visuals are so important. New business owners can also be affected by social media in comparing each others successes, so she will discuss how to take a step back from that. Maud will also lead a mini food meditation session during the evening to take our minds back to our bodies and focus on the present moment.

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