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Intern zine: Jeanne's week two

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

WEEK TWO - exploring London markets & multisensory exhibitions

On Monday, Maud took me to the cute E5 Bakery. We met Inês ( and left with a yummy sourdough baguette.

On the Tuesday I went to Borough Market, just in time to eat! Directly, a cheese stand got my attention : a cheese one of course, called « Drunk Cheese ». There are cheeses soaked in wine or beer. I bought one: Bufala al Glera: pasteurised Buffalo milk cheese flavoured with wine from Glera grapes. I think I might have to go back there to taste other ones!

After walking in all the market I choose to stop at Padre, a Mexican food stand, where I ate pulled pork and cauliflower, with a red guacamole. It was so spicy that I had to take a cappuccino next.

I stopped had Turkish Delight stand and bought some lukoums for the dessert. They had a lot of nice flavour : caramelised carrots and Turkish coffee with almonds were my faves.

Then we went to Spice Mountain shop, where as it is called, they have a lot of spices and powder from all around the world.

During the week I went to Palm Vaults, a cute restaurant, perfect for instagram photos! ☺️

I did an sensory exhibition called Dialogue in the Dark. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to show you since it’s... all in the dark! But I can only advise you to experience this, if you ever have the occasion. It’s a one hour experience designed to push you out of your comfort zone. I won’t say more, do it!

On the same day I went to the Photographers’ gallery to see an exhibition about the story of food in photography, “Feast for the eyes”. Between fine art, commercial photography, fashion and family photographies, it’s all about of food is used and represented.

See you next week!

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