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Table Talks: meet Fleur, creator of Blooming Blends, a collection of mood balancing herbal tinctures

So first of all, what are Blooming Blends and how did you come up with the idea?

Blooming Blends offers a unique range of ready-mixed herbal tinctures created through traditional methods that are blended for modern life. I was trying to find something to give me a little boost as and when I need it and I couldn’t find anything available. So I decided to create my own plant tonics to give me a wonderful helping boost at various stages throughout the day.

What situations are the tinctures for and how would you use them?

There are nine different blends. One to help to you find the perfect sleep, one to give a caffeine-free energy boost, one to keep you calm and take the worry away, one to soothe a hangover, one for jet lag and travel, one to help with digestion, one for teenagers, one to boost focus and one to make you feel wonderfully sexy and confident. You can take each blend (other than the Sleep Easy which you take at night) up to three times a day. They all come in small 30ml bottles so they are easily portable and you can have them with you throughout the day.

Which Blooming Blends tincture do you always have in your bag?

The Fatigue Fix is a must for when I hit that afternoon lull and I can’t have a cup of coffee otherwise I will not sleep. This blend is wonderfully fortifying and gives you a strength you didn’t realise you had! I also always have a bottle of the Be Sexy blend. Full of rose, it opens your heart to all opportunities of love and life and puts a sparky spring in your step. I love it!

Do you have a recipe that uses the blends that you could share with us? They are delicious added to a cocktail but I do add the Mood Booster to my morning smoothie mix as it’s great at clearing brain fog, lifting me out of my grumpy morning mood and helps me to concentrate on the day ahead.

How do you feel the future of food will evolve in regards to AI and making food/supplements bespoke to our bodies and moods?

I think it’s incredibly exciting that foods and supplements can be made bespoke to our bodies needs through DNA testing etc. But I’m also quite old-fashioned and believe that all you need to do is listen to your own body and gut. It’s constantly telling you what it needs and wants and what it doesn’t. Learning to listen to your body is one of life’s game changers and is an amazing balancer to your life.

We also really like how Blooming Blends explain the contents of each of their tinctures in the form of a wheel:

📍You can find Blooming Blends at the following stores: Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Daylesford, Soho Farmhouse, Victoria Health, The Cure and Rose & River.

Thank you to Fleur Sladen & Blooming Blends for answering these little questions for Crème zine and for reminding us to take care of our bodies and listen to our gut.

Follow her adventures over on Instagram @bloomingblends

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