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Table Talks: meet Justine, French natural food activist

Hi Justine, where are you from and what did you study?

I’m from Yvelines in France and I studied in the catering industry for 5 years, then I specialised in food design at l’Ecole Duperré.

Why did you want to study food design and what does that mean to you?

For me, it’s a relevant way to express my convictions in the catering industry. Food design leads to the reflexion of our needs in relation to the resources we have. My goal is to re-evaluate the agricultural world and the craft industry.

Can you tell us more about your "vegetable leather"?

« Vegetable leaves » « Feuilles végétales »

I wanted to create a material playing with our senses but made with just one vegetable ingredient. Each sheet of the collection has its own use, taste and look.

Favourite restaurant?

That’s not really a restaurant but a market, in Versailles. Every week, I discover some new dishes and seasonal products. It inspires me with the colours, the smells and the variety of products and spices.

Which designers/people inspire you?

The people who inspired me the most are those I have met during my professional career and who taught me their experiences, namely: Guy Krenzer for his sensibility in gastronomy and Caroline Faccioli for her ability to capture gourmet moments.

Favourite cookbook?

Currently, « The Nordic Baking Book » by Magnus Nilsson. I love cook books which put forward a unique culinary heritage and make us travel from page to page.

What gift did you recently give to someone?

A scottish bag from my travel.

What future trends would like to see happening in the next few years?

A bigger interest about the environment around us and everyone’s initiatives. I think picking edible wild plants will become more common and accessible. In a world where questions about environment and industry are in the center of every talks.

What are you doing now and what are your projects in the future ? 

Since November I’m doing woofing in France and UK in farms to learn permaculture practices, agricultural breeding and artisan bread making. In the future, I’d like to use my knowledge for my cooking conception. Why not develop a vegetable garden or wild foraging tours... I’ve got plenty of ideas!

Thank you to Justine for answering these little questions for Crème zine and sharing with us some insight into her natural cooking! And thank you to our intern Jeanne for putting this article together.

Follow her adventures over on Instagram @lebasjustine .

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