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Table Talks: meet Merybeth and her "diariocomo" in Mexico

Hi Merybeth! Could you explain a little more about your background, what you've studied etc?

¡Hola hola! My name is Merybeth Del Angel, I'm a 24 year old industrial designer from México City and I'm a service and experience design enthusiast. I have worked on a few projects in production and programming for design events and a national film festival. 

What does food design mean to you?

Food design to me means the opportunity to use food as a tool to create a statement, change the way we perceive it and to give the value that it deserves. Food is such an important thing we have to explore and make the best out of it. It's really important to know better the relationship between food and ourselves. 

"A typical Mexican grill and a cup o fresh beer with chilli on top, a famous preparation around here"

Can you tell us about a food design project you have worked on recently?

Right now, I've just created "diariocomo" a project which is just beginning. In México we don't have that much knowledge of what food design is and the purpose of "diariocomo" is to give this information to those who are interested and approach this discipline of design to more people. Right now, it's just a website, looking to be a platform, so we can create a community with those future food designers in México. I personally would love to eventually create food experiences, workshops, a journal or events to enhance people to join. 

Quesadilla de chapulines (grasshoppers)

How is food design existing currently in Mexico?

Food design in México its not that it doesn't exist, but it's not that visible, it doesn't have the diffusion that deserves, there are lots of interpretations that are not food design and i believe that México can create and take advantage of the wealth of food it has to have its own identity in this design field. 

How would you like this to change?

I would love to promote this in my country, to create food experiences, share more about it and inspire those who are into it. México has a lot of potential not only in food wise but also in the creativity and hard work of everyone that make Mexican food.

Which food designers or projects have you found particularly interesting? Are there any in Mexico?

I love the work of Studio H, they have this project call FoodXX which is a platform dedicated to woman in food, and I love it. Also Con-tatto makes incredible food experiences I love how they involved people. And in México Hidden Kitcken has awesome food experiences and pop-ups that bring people together, Foodlosofia is one of the few food design centres that creates workshops and re-designs restaurants experiences to attract more and new customers supported with brainstorming. 

Thank you to Merybeth for answering these little questions for Crème zine and for showing us some fun Mexican food!

Follow her adventures over on Instagram @diariocomo

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